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The night I drew hearts around every picture of you
On every telephone pole on Main Street
All the kids – all our fans- of both our bands
They saw me do it but they never said a word.

We used to be a team, always together
The kids’d say “Hey, when’s his band playing?”
And they’d say to you, “Hey dude, what time’s Darlington going on?
We know you know, and are you headed there now?”

It’s been a long time I moved away for a year
The day I got home I went to the phone on the corner and called you.
You said you’d had a dream that I got married
And stayed overseas for five years,
I said, “I’m home. Honey, I’m home. I never did get married,
Won’t you come out, and hang out with me?”
And you said, “You’re gone - gone for a year and you’re still gone to me.”

So last April I was in town for a wedding
It was a Thursday at 11:30 at night and I decided that was a good time to get that
White thread I’d promised the bride
I walked in to the Super Jumbo Kroger
Or something or other that that took the place of the Dr. Pepper factory
And stunned in the fluorescent lights I froze in the doorway,
A plastic red basket in my hand.
And standing like a deer in headlights, I spun
And who walked in the door right then but you
It was 11:30 at night – you’d come for ketchup
I knew the gods had worked it out
We fell into each other’s arms and held each other there
Until the managers surrounded us an gave us such a stare
You said “We’re causing a commotion and I don’t care.”

We took a stroll around the Kroger –
It was so big it took us two and a half hours to get down every aisle
I know the gods hid the thread
We never found it but we had a nice time looking
Cos something was the same once more
The way it hadn’t been the same for so many years
And that night we finally kissed for the first fucking time in five years
We stood in the corner holding each other in our arms
And you said, “You know, the thing is, I’ll never forgive you for leaving, cause you know, I knew you’d always be there, and then you weren’t there and you weren’t there.
I knew you’d always be there, and then you’re gone. And you’re still gone to me.”

You know I don’t regret much in this life, and I wouldn’t want to change anything,
But sometimes I wish I could just change everything
And put it all back together like a puzzle that I had complete control over
You know the picture on our puzzle would be so beautiful
Once I arranged it like it was always supposed to be.

But you’d say, “You’re gone, and you’re still gone to me.”


from In Case of Somethingness, released January 24, 2015
Spyche: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, tambourine
John: keys



all rights reserved



Spyche (pronounced “spike”) is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Dallas, Texas (formerly of Washington, D.C.). While she can be found playing bass in a plethora of bands, her solo project especially highlights her voice and her writing. Bare, spare, reflective lo-fi driving music for late night hauls and rainy day window-gazing. ... more

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